The Village and The Spider that Grew and Grew

The Village and the Spider That Grew and Grew A small village is having a difficult time growing and harvesting its crops. In a nearby castle, a professor hopes to become rich by creating a potion that makes things grow big. One night, while tasting the potion, the professor’s pet spider begins to grow and grow! Threatening to destroy the village in search of food, the villagers storm the castle demanding the spider be stopped. Can the professor find a way for his pet spider to help the village and live happily ever after?

The Village and The Cat Hair Catastrophe

The Village finds itself facing an extremely harsh winter and many families are struggling to stay warm. Meanwhile, a local merchant has been selling an unusual breed of cats that suffer from a constant shedding problem. Then new mayor is at a loss as to how to rid the town of the cat hair. But what about the Professor? Can the Professor find a solution to this shedding problem and help the people of the town stay warm?

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