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WBEZ 91.5 recently announced library closings in Chicago. “Having a school library with a full-time librarian is becoming something of a luxury in Chicago’s 600-plus public schools. Two years ago, Chicago Public School budgeted for 454 librarians. Last year: 313 librarians. This year it’s 254.” Not only are libraries closing but statistics also show that there is a need for Rivers Ink to make sure that we are constantly encouraging our youth, families and communities to “Turn the Pages” and we hope you join us!



  • According to the Nations Report Card in Illinois 34% of 4th graders read at their reading level. That means that 66% (over half) of 4th graders in Illinois can not read at their reading level.   www.nationsreportcard.gov

  • Only 36% of 8th graders in Illinois can read at their grade level, which means 64% (over half) of 8th graders in the state of Illinois can not read at their grade level.www.nationsreportcard.gov

  • According to RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) "By the 4th grade, African American and Hispanic students are on average nearly three academic years behind their White peers."  www.rif.org